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Aktualisiert: 17. Feb. 2022

Try screens and video conference accessories before you buy with the

Augmented Reality App

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What is this project about?

The goal of the augmented reality app is to showcase the most popular monitors, screens and other products in the field of video conferencing, to offer end-consumers a free decision-making tool and, with that, provide the retail companies and with a sales aid. With the augmented reality app, end-consumers can assemble different product elements and modules, then review which model they like best in their own conference room and which size fits best before making a purchase – virtually on the display of a smartphone or tablet.

Considerations The app should target mobile devices (iOS, Android) while using ARCore, ARKit. We decided for the AR plug in by Unity-ARFoundation. With a view to the performance of mobile devices, only 3D models with as few polygons as possible can be used. The virtual models can be individually looked at from all sides. Via touch, the user can also select another model, other compatible accessories as well as click on links to the respective information page in the online boutique. A photo can be taken from every point of view in order to save it to memory or share it across social media channels. The mobile app for iOS and Android should be as easy to handle and user-friendly as possible.

Used applications, SDKs, and APIs:

ARFoundation, Java, ObjC, C#, Photoshop, 3dsMax, Xcode, Android Studio, Unity3d Excel.


Phase 1


Persona, characteristics of our typical user End-consumer, potential purchasers of video conferencing products, field sales representatives from the customer, specialist shops

Concept created with Excel, sketches, texts, UI buttons, CI visunext:

Designing the app's UI color palette, the UI layout according to the CI.

Modeling the animated models on the basis of mechanical drawings.

Design development details

3D models Using technical drawings and high-resolution photo material, first a high- and low-poly 3D-model was modeled for each individual product. Afterwards came texture, lighting, renderings, an export for additional use in the app, and compression for mobile devices.

User interface The design of the microsite and the user interface follows the corporate design of the visunext brand, especially in terms of colors and fonts. Visuals In order to avoid sticky app performance, we worked on finding the right balance between low-res textures and good visual quality, low-poly 3D models.

User Test no 1

of the very first prototype The users of the first tests did not recognize the gesture features to move and rotate a virtual product in the AR scene. We decided to add a kind of live step-by-step tutorial as well as a demo video to demonstrate how to place, to translate, to rotate, and to assemble products.


Phase 2


We adjusted the AR scene with icons and other visual elements to explain to the user how to place, to translate and to rotate a model with the well-known gestures (tap, drag, rotate etc.)

User Test no 2

Per request from the client, we adjusted the animation speed of certain models.

AR Produkt Visualisierung mit Augmented Reality App | AVK Terwey XR


The AR app showcases the most popular products in the field of video conferencing. It offers a user-friendly interface and ease of operation. It includes information about manufacturers and product-relevant information. It was already successfully used in its first version (prototype) during special trade fairs by field sales representatives, specialist shops, as well as end consumers.

App-Launch, prototype Version 1.0: in 2020, #iOS and #Android Augmented-Reality Plugin: #ARFoundation, #ARKit, #ARCore Development in C#, #Java, #ObjC

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AVK Terwey XR, Augmented Reality App für Produkt-Visualisierung
AR-App visunext


AVK Terwey, B. Terwey product images by © visunext

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